Global Addiction Recovery Services offers a selection of programs and courses free to employees of partner companies.

Courses are designed to help people struggling with Substance Abuse and Addiction, Support for Family and Friends of Alcoholics and Addicts, Sexually Compulsive Behavior, Relapse Prevention, and Codependency which includes Trauma and Family of Origin issues.

Programs That Work

At Global Addiction Recovery Services, we understand the impact addiction and addiction related issues can have in all major life areas. Founder Brad Oneil is a Certified Addiction Counsellor and Sex Addiction Therapist who developed these programs for his treatment facility. He has provided treatment for all levels of employees across dozens of industries.

Why Online Learning for Addictions?

Recognizing that different clients learn differently, seeing the continuing growth in the use of technology, and tremendous acceptance of online learning, we decided to re-tool our programs for an online teaching approach.

Not everyone needs residential treatment for substance abuse or Compulsive Sexual Behavior, and many don’t do well in those environments. The cost of private residential treatment programs is significant, and costs can sometimes rule out that option. In addition, it usually requires an individual to be away from family and other support for time periods that range from weeks to months.

These programs give a person the opportunity to stay connected to family and other support, while receiving all the materials we deliver in our facility.

Our other programs provide additional help for related issues in a similar spaced learning online approach.