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Are Relapses Ruining Your Life?

Learn how to identify the signs and stop them in their tracks.

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Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, some addicts and alcoholics relapse after a period of sobriety.

This three-week program helps the alcoholic or addict to understand that relapse is a breakdown in a recovery plan, not some random event and can therefore be prevented.

Combining video and a series of exercises, participants learn how to watch for the changes in thinking and behaviors which lead to relapse.

The program is designed for people who have been in some form of recovery program, whether it is treatment, counselling or 12 Step, and find themselves relapsing.

If they have not had some measure of sobriety after following a program, they should start with the Substance Abuse Program to build a foundation.

Program Outline

Week 1, Module 1 – Why does Relapse Happen?

Even when there isn’t a reason, there’s a reason.

Common relapse causes – identifying yours.

High Risk Situations.

Week 2, Module 2 – Identifying Relapse Thoughts and Behaviors

The thoughts are easy.  Identifying the behaviors is the key.

Post Relapse Evaluation

What is your Relapse Prevention Plan?

Week 3, Module 3 – Relapse Prevention Fire Drill

A system for relapse prevention.

Relapse is a process not an event.

Understanding the process.

Committing to a Plan