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Feeling Hopeless
Because of an Alcoholic or Addict
in Your Life?

Learn how to find calm and make sense of your situation.

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You may be feeling hopeless and alone. Confused and don’t know what is real anymore. Have tried everything you can think of and nothing is working.

Maybe you sometimes feel like you are going crazy.

You are tired of lies, broken promises and covering up for them.

Addiction impacts far more people than just the addict. Family, Friends and even Co-workers can find themselves drawn into the disease.

Family and friends spend countless hours worrying about loved ones who are addicts and alcoholics, trying to control their behaviors, track their whereabouts or talking with other employees for support.

Co-workers can find themselves working extra hours and lying for the addict or alcoholic to cover for their behaviors, absences or lack of productivity.

Addicted loved ones can disrupt the workplace with phone calls, text messages, emails and sometimes unannounced visits.

This four-week program is designed to help people who have addicts and alcoholics in their lives, deal with the situation in a healthy manner which minimizes disruption in all areas of their lives including the workplace.

Participants learn how to focus on themselves, minimizing the chaos and how to build a support network.

This program is designed for Family and Friends of Alcoholics or Addicts (including sex addicts) and can be beneficial for co-workers who find themselves being drawn into the chaos of addiction

Program Outline

Week 1, Module 1 - Taking Stock

Taking a look at where you are at and what you are going through.

The three C’s: You didn’t Cause it, You can’t Control it and You can’t Cure it

Acknowledging that you need help.  You are not alone.

Week 2, Module 2 – Setting Boundaries

Taking care of you, by identifying meaningful boundaries and putting them in place.

Identifying patterns.

Time for change.

Week 3, Module 3 – Building a Support Network

Identifying trustworthy people, you can rely on for meaningful help.

Who do you have now?

Family, friends and professionals.

Week 4, Module 4 – Keeping on the Path

What does the future hold and how you stay focused on you?

Reviewing your behavior and trusting your instincts.

What is preventing change?

Developing Your Plan